Proper Suit Care for the Stylish Man

Proper Suit Care for the Stylish Man

Investing in high-quality suits is important for any fashionable gentleman hoping to build a refined wardrobe. Suit stores online offer some of the best quality when you search the phrase “mens suits near me”. However, caring for your suit collection properly is equally vital to keep them looking sharp over years of use. Follow these tips and techniques to get the most wear out of your suit purchases.

Hanging Suits Correctly

When you search for “men’s suits stores near me,” keep in mind to choose stores that have wide and sturdy hangers to care for your new investment properly. When searching for high-end suits, look for retailers that provide wide, sturdy wooden hangers specially designed to maintain suit shape. Make sure to hang suits properly when not being worn to prevent wrinkles. In your closet, leave at least 1-2 inches of space between suits to allow air circulation and avoid bunching the fabric. If you live in a humid climate, use suit bags or garment covers for extra protection from moisture. Taking care to hang suits correctly will keep the fabric smooth and creases to a minimum, so your suit looks sharp every time you put it on.

Professional Dry Cleaning

Bring your suits to a reputable dry cleaner every 6-8 full day wears. This allows time for body oils, environmental pollutants and other particles to accumulate on the fabric before cleaning. Request light starch application on collars and cuffs when dropping off to help maintain structure and shape. Allow at least a full 24 hours for solvents to fully evaporate before wearing a newly cleaned suit. The fumes from chemicals can damage fabric over time. For convenience, find a quality cleaner located near home or work for quick and easy suit drop-off and pick-up. Upscale suit retailers often provide in-house dry cleaning services catered specifically to suit fabrics. For a more tailored cleaning experience, consider visiting mens suit stores, as they often provide professional cleaning and tailoring services specifically for suits.

Preventing Wrinkles

Hang your mens sports jacket right away after wearing to prevent wrinkles. After wearing a suit, hang the jacket back up immediately to prevent wrinkles from setting in. When packing suits for trips, carefully fold along the seams or roll and place in a garment bag to minimize creasing. If planning to fold a suit, make sure the jacket and pants are completely dry first. Any residual sweat or moisture can cause odor issues over time. For softening minor wrinkles between professional cleanings, use a handheld steamer on the hanging suit rather than an iron. The intense direct heat of ironing can damage delicate suit fabrics.

Protecting Against Insects

Wool suits can become a tasty target for moths, carpet beetles and other fabric pests. Use cedar blocks in your closet as a natural deterrent – the strong aroma repels insects. You can also purchase cedar sachets to hang in suit bags or place in drawers for added protection. In addition, have wool suits professionally cleaned 2-3 times per year using eco-friendly insecticidal solutions. Avoid storing suits in vacuum sealed bags or cardboard boxes which can trap bugs inside. Periodic dry cleaning kills larvae and eggs before they can cause damage.

Inspecting For Damage

Before putting on a suit, always check the lining, inner pockets, buttons and exterior fabric closely. Catching tears or missing stitches early makes repairs much easier. If you notice damage, damaged suits should go to the tailor right away rather than waiting for issues to accumulate. A skilled tailor can often replace damaged lining, re-attach loose pockets, sew detached buttons or make other minor repairs for a reasonable price. Don’t try DIY suit repairs, as this can cause bigger issues.

Spot Cleaning At Home

Accidental spills do happen, so know how to spot clean your suits properly. If liquid drops on your suit, immediately dab the fabric with a clean white towel to absorb excess moisture. Next, gently apply a small amount of delicate laundry detergent or a suit-safe stain remover stick to the affected area. Lightly scrub the stain and rinse thoroughly with cool water to avoid setting the stain. Allow the suit to fully air dry before wearing again. Repeated rinsing and air drying may be needed for tough stains.

Getting Proper Alterations

Over time, fluctuations in weight or build can impact how a suit fits your body. Don’t struggle with an ill-fitting suit! Work with an experienced tailor to get adjustments made any time the fit feels too tight or loose. Common alterations include taking in or letting out the waist, shortening or lengthening sleeves and pant legs, and tapering baggy areas. Properly tailored suits will enhance your comfort while also creating a polished, refined appearance.

By following these care and maintenance best practices, your investment in high-quality suits can last for many years to come. Proper hanging, cleaning, storage and mending keeps fabrics looking new while extending the lifespan of any suit. Show your suits some TLC and they’ll retain their shape, colors and appeal through countless wears. Visit Karako Suits today for that perfect addition to your wardrobe.

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