NDIS Altona

NDIS Altona

We are your chosen disability support service providers in Altona – Horizon Access Care, a name synonymous with trust and commitment. In your NDIS Altona, we stand as a reliable partner dedicated to helping you achieve both short-term and long-term goals. Embark on a partnership with us, where your needs take precedence, and each day brings opportunities for your physical, mental, social, and professional development.

At Horizon Access Care, we go beyond being mere care providers; we become your support system, guiding you on a developmental journey towards the life you’ve envisioned or even better.

Engaging with us means evolving into individuals who live life on their terms, with disability never hindering your growth. Our commitment extends beyond the confines of your home. Through our community engagement service, we provide opportunities for you to venture into the wider world, forming a network that nurtures your social well-being. Whether within the comfort of your home or the vast expanse of the outside world, our trained and experienced NDIS providers in Altona ensure you lead a safe, meaningful, and fulfilling existence.

As your go-to NDIS provider in Altona, we bring care and support right to your doorstep, contributing to a safer life as an NDIS participant. However, the nature and extent of this care are always at your discretion. Our NDIS support workers are ready to assist you whenever needed, without compromising your privacy. As NDIS service providers in Altona, our aim is to empower you to lead an autonomous existence, starting by giving you full control over your NDIS plan. Your journey towards a more independent and fulfilling life begins with Horizon Access Care. 

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